High-Entropy Alloys group

Physical Property Measurement System Quantum Design PPMS 9T

In 2009, a Physical Property Measurement System PPMS 9T by American manufacturer Quantum Design was installed and commissioned in our Laboratory for the electrical, magnetic and thermal measurements of materials. The apparatus uses a superconducting magnet with a variable magnetic field of ±9 tesla and the temperature range of the measurements is between 1.9 K and 400 K. A 3He cryostat is available, extending the temperature range down to 350 mK. In November 2020, an upgrade of the measurement temperature range to lower temperatures has been performed by installing a 3He/4He dilution refrigerator that allows reaching the temperature as low as 50 mK. The PPMS enables performing measurements of the electrical resistivity, the magnetoresistance, the thermoelectric power (the Seebeck coefficient), the Hall coefficient, the specific heat and the thermal conductivity, as a function of temperature and magnetic field.

To use the equipment, please contact prof. dr. Janez Dolinšek (janez.dolinsek@ijs.si) at the Jožef Stefan Institute. The measurements are executed by our researchers, who have been trained to use the PPMS apparatus. External users can bring the samples and take part in the measurements.