High-Entropy Alloys group

SQUID magnetometer Quantum Design MPMS3

In 2016, a new QD-MPMS3 magnetometer by American manufacturer Quantum Design was installed and commissioned in our Laboratory for the electrical, magnetic and thermal measurements of materials. The basis of this magnetometer is a SQUID detector, which allows the device to be used as a classical magnetometer or as a VSM (vibrating sample magnetometer). It can be used to measure DC magnetization, AC magnetization, M(H) magnetization curves, and the time decay of the thermoremanent magnetization on macroscopically long time scales. The magnetometer uses a superconducting magnet with variable magnetic field of ± 7 tesla, the temperature range of the measurements is between 1.8 K and 400 K or between 280 K and 1000 K when an oven is used. The AC susceptibility can be measured in the frequency range between 0,001 Hz and 1500 Hz. External magnetic field (e.g. geomagnetic field) can be reduced to as little as 0.1 gauss at the sample location by the ULF (Ultra Low-Field) option. The measurements can be performed under hydrostatic pressure in the range between 0 to 1.3 GPa (equivalent to 13 kbar). In October 2021, an upgrade of the measurement temperature range is expected by a 3He cryostat that will allow reaching the temperature as low as 400 mK.

To use the equipment, please contact prof. dr. Janez Dolinšek (janez.dolinsek@ijs.si) at the Jožef Stefan Institute. The measurements are executed by our researchers, who have been trained to use the MPMS3 magnetometer. External users can bring the samples and take part in the measurements.